Mining Engineering - Operational Support


  • Tactical planning
  • Strategic planning
  • Mine design
  • Mine scheduling
  • Block plan

Drill and Blast

  • Drill pattern design
  • Blast hole loading plan
  • Effective tie-up plan and timing design
  • Drill and Blast scheduling

Mining Engineering - Technical Consulting


  • Mine planning process optimisation
  • Budget and Life of Mine planning
  • Truck and haulage optimisation
  • Final landform and Rehabilitation designs
  • Mine closure planning
  • Pit shell and Dump shell designs
  • Feasibility study
  • Equipment selection
  • Reconciliation

Drill and Blast

  • Drill and Blast process optimisation
  • Vibration and Overpressure management
  • Blasting in reactive ground
  • Hot hole blasting
  • Fragmentation Study
  • Misfire investigation
  • Fume management

Environmental Support


  • Life of Mine planning
  • Budget planning
  • Mine Closure planning
  • Risk Assessments
  • Rehabilitation Management Plans
  • Project Management
  • Plan development
  • Compliance
  • Internal assurance

Operational Support

  • Secondment roles
  • Environmental inspections
  • Tailings dam inspections
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Systems support - CMO, EMD, EnviroSys
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
  • Environmental training packages
  • Rehabilitation inspections and monitoring
  • Change management
  • Biodiversity offset inspections and monitoring
  • Revegetation activities, such as hand seeding and tree planting
  • Tree felling inspections/spotter catcher
  • Auditing
  • Annual reporting
  • Project supervision

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